Rähinät on jo ulottuneet ennen melko rauhalliseen Luxoriinkin.

Alla kopio FB-sivulta, jonne tulee tuoretta infoa. Siis rantakadulla ovat ottaneet yhteen pro- ja anti-Mursin joukkueet. Voipa hyvinkin olla jokunen tuttukin messissä.

Luxor Times

At least 13 were injured tonight during the clashes between Pro and Anti-Morsi in Luxor. Since afternoon, the Supporters started their demonstration at the same place were the Anti were using in the past couple of weeks, outside the governorate building. There were some stones thrown earlier tonight which you could see the traces on the ground in the photos. Later after the army and riot police made a buffer zone between both parties by the Mummification Museum, clashes starred again through and above the walls on the plot of land were the old Savoy hotel used to be. Stones and fireballs has been thrown at both directions.